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The Visitor's Center

When visiting a park, a recreation area, or even a wilderness area, your first stop should always be the visitor's center. They will be happy to point you in the right direction and make your stay at the park as enjoyable as possible. Welcome to the Willingness to Wander visitor center!

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About WtW (Willingness to Wander)

For the last ten years, the National Parks have been steadily growing in popularity, breaking attendance records year after year. With parks being overcrowded it is harder to come by the serenity and peacefulness so many of us wish to share with the natural spaces. While it is true that some national parks are being overrun, there are many, many places that you can still find an area to enjoy to yourself, but you must take an extra step to get away from the crowds.

Even in the busiest parks the crowds thin with every extra mile you put between yourself and the main road. Many are now looking to take the jump and start backpacking overnight to connect with nature more personally - but not all of us grew up in boy scouts. Isn't backpacking dangerous, expensive, and difficult? No way! Backpacking may be the single best solution to Wanderlust so many of us have. It is a cheap and rewarding method of exploration so many of us seek.

Willingness to Wander was created to prove that backpacking can be easy, cheap, and simple. People looking to start backpacking are too often overwhelmed with the amount of information available. There are too many trails, parks, rules, gear, oh and bears. We are here to prove that backpacking and overnight camping should be no harder or scarier than planning any other trip.

Connect with nature, get some fresh air, find yourself and have fun, take the extra step (or 10,000) and join us on one of the thousands of backcountry trails the country has to offer!